We all love
getting away on holiday, and many of us want our dogs to be able to join in on
the fun! Travelling with pets, however, will take some extra planning and
preparation. To help make the process easier, we’re sharing some important tips
on travelling with your dog. Find out what you’ll need to do to make getting to
your doggy holiday as stress-free as possible!

Travelling with dog - labrador puppy in car


If you’re
planning to take your furry friend on a long car journey, you’ll need to make
sure they’re properly restrained. Use a harness and seatbelt, pet barrier or
crate. Make sure you use your air conditioning to help keep your dog cool.
Avoid letting them stick their head out of the window, as it could damage their
ears or lead to other accidents. Remember to make them as comfortable as
possible, stopping every two to three hours for short walks and toilet breaks!


Boarding a plane
with your dog doesn’t have to be hard, but make sure to do your homework well
in advance. Not all airlines will allow animals on board, especially during hot
or cold seasons, and those that do might have strict policies in place. These
might include the kind of crate or carrier you can transport your dog in,
whether they are allowed in the cabin or hold area, or if there may be
restrictions on the size of pet you can bring along.

Travelling with dog - dog looks out of train window


Not everyone
realises that you can take your dog on trains in the UK free of charge! There
are conditions, however. Dogs must be kept on a lead or in a carrier and they
mustn’t inconvenience staff or fellow passengers. Don’t let your dog sit on the
seat next to you either, or you could find yourself having to pay for an extra

Food, drink and exercise

If you’re setting
off on a long journey, it’s often best to avoid feeding your dog within four
hours of travel to help prevent accidents and travel sickness. While travelling
on any means of transport, make sure to provide plenty of fresh water for your
dog, as they can easily become hot and dehydrated. Take them for a good walk
before leaving, so they might find it easier to sleep during the journey.

International travel

Travelling with dog - happy Pomeranian in bag

You’ll need to get clued-up on the
requirements from different nations when bringing a dog into their country*.
Many countries will require your dog to have received certain vaccinations,
such as rabies, and you’ll need to provide a record of this. Pet passports and
other documentation might also be required, depending upon your destination.
Getting the right vaccinations and documents can take a long time, so make sure
you start your research well ahead of your planned trip!

Taking your dog
on holiday doesn’t have to be stressful. Making sure you’re well-prepared for
your journey can mean you have the time to focus on having a great time once
you reach your destination! If you’re planning your next holiday with your
pooch, one other precaution you might want to take is protecting them with dog
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