Thoughts on Premier Financial Alliance (PFA) and the life insurance product through ? Is this a good product to buy? : LifeInsurance

I’m sorry for the experience you’ve had, it seems like you’ve encountered a really shady multilevel marketing company.

If you want to buy life insurance, go to an independent agent who can compare various different products and companies for you (instead of PFA, which only appears to go through National Life). If you are interested in indexed universal life insurance, make sure you fully understand how it works because you’re taking on a 15-20 year commitment with whatever policy you choose.

If you want to sell life insurance, apply for a producer job at one of the big mutuals – NY Life, MassMutual etc. They’ll give you real training.

It’s unfortunate you’re out the $125, but selling life insurance for PFA is absolutely a scam. To be clear, the life insurance itself is legitimate – National Life will honor policies – but the job they’re offering is shit and you should run far away.

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