The Best Golf Clubs For Beginners

If you’re a
golfing novice, the equipment can be intimidating and difficult to make sense
of. A new set of irons is a considerable investment, so you want to get this
purchase right in order to gain the most enjoyment from golf.

manufacturers feature what’s known as a ‘game improvement’ set within their
line-up. Generally speaking, these irons are designed to get the ball up in the
air quickly. They also tend to be larger and more forgiving.

Finding the
right club for your game is no easy task, but we’ve simplified the process for
you. Here’s our selection of the best golf clubs for beginners.

best golf clubs for beginners

Part of Callaway’s
extensive line-up, this set is long, accurate and easy-to-hit. The key
technologies focus on the face of the club – 360 Face Cup and VFT – which give
golfers more speed across the entire face. Meanwhile, vibration dampening
microspheres have been placed behind the face of the club head, which enhances
the sound and feel.

best golf clubs for beginners

Holes located around the entire club head minimise contact between the body and
face. This helps maximise flex and expand the sweet spot, generating greater
ball speeds across the whole face. For beginners struggling to find the centre
of the clubface consistently, shots off the heel and toe will be more accurate.

best golf clubs for beginners

These clubs
are very forgiving thanks to a significant relocation of weight. Furthermore, the
Custom Tuning Port in the cavity has been removed and tungsten weights have
been added in the hosel and toe for extra flexibility. Face hinging and a
larger ‘flexing zone’ increases ball speeds for more distance, whilst feel and
sound have been improved with a co-molded badge that dampens vibrations.

best golf clubs for beginners

tempting as a set of Mizuno blades are, mid to high handicappers should set
their sets on this model – a slimmed down version of the Hot Metal. The open
heel section spreads perimeter weighting to the rest of the clubhead for added
stability, while the Chromoly 4140M material allows the face to be thinner and,
therefore, faster.

best golf clubs for beginners

TaylorMade M6 irons are designed to produce explosive distance and maximum
forgiveness. They achieve this through their new Speed Bridge technology, which
connects the top-line with the back bar of the iron to increase rigidity. The
Speed Pocket on the sole allows more flexibility and speed generating distance.
Meanwhile, Inverted Cone Technology maximizes the sweet spot and promotes
straighter shots.

best golf clubs for beginners

This is
Cobra’s longest, fastest and most forgiving iron. Whilst they will appeal to
lower handicap players, game improvers with moderate to faster swing speeds
will definitely benefit from the technology on offer. The impressive levels of
forgiveness are achieved with added mass placed low and back using a belt of
steel that wraps around the back of the iron.

The long
irons have a low-profile shape to keep the centre of gravity low for a higher
launch – something game improvers will really appreciate. Meanwhile, the short
irons are more compact with less offset, making them easier to control.

This set
will appeal to mid handicappers, as well as those who are new to the game and
have always wanted to play Titleist clubs. A hollow construction is used in the
long irons, while the remainder of the set features irons with a 360-degree
undercut cavity, wide soles and thin faces. High-density tungsten is used in
the toe sections to improve forgiveness (4-7 iron).

This set
ticks all the boxes. Although the Srixon Z 585 irons will appeal to low
handicap golfers, they also offer game-improvement features in a compact,
workable head shape. The Tour V.T. Sole aids consistent ball strikes with
smooth turf interaction, and the long irons – so often a source of frustration
for beginners – feature wider soles for extra forgiveness.

best golf clubs for beginners

Predator irons are well worth considering, especially for those on a stricter
budget. They are designed to offer a high Moment of Inertia for added
forgiveness. Meanwhile, the thick topline should inspire confidence at address.
They are also available in four different colour options – black, orange, green
and yellow.

Worth noting…

Be mindful
that a number of game-improvement sets give you the option to swap your long
irons for hybrids, which many beginners find easier to hit.

And also…

Players of all levels have so much to gain by getting custom fitted. Beginners, especially, can make rapid improvements by getting the right set and golf ball for their own game. For that reason, visit your local professional or fitting expert and avoid buying straight from the shelf.

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