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Is it possible to retake labs? I have my cholesterol checked every 6 months and it is always just under 200. I took a medical exam and it came back that I had cholesterol at 240 range along with some elevated liver enzymes. This seemed to push my premium from $60 to $90.

I think these results are a bit of an anomaly based on a couple of factors. I recently had a vasectomy just a couple of weeks before the exam. I’ve had no exercise and it’s been the holidays so I’ve been eating like shit. On top of that I was prescribed pain medicine that contains a high dose of acetaminophen. I quit taking it a week before the blood test but I read acetaminophen can elevate liver enzymes for up to 2 weeks. I think I probably chose the worst time to get a medical exam but didn’t think my results would come out like this. Can I retake labs, even if I pay for them?

I am in good shape. I exercise and usually eat right. Non smoker and occasional drinker (3 drinks a week).

It doesn’t sound like a a lot but over 20 years the difference will be $7200. If they don’t let me retake the exam I will probably sign up, try for another provider and if comes out significantly cheaper, cancel my current policy.

Any advice here would be helpful. Thanks

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