Patons top tips for driving in heavy rain or flooding

The great British summer; one week it’s record high temperatures the next it’s a total wash out.

Flash flooding can happen
any time and anywhere thanks to rain, blocked drains, damaged water mains,
tides or burst river banks.

Last year,
the AA rescued almost 9,000 vehicles that had driven through or were stuck in
floodwater, with an estimated insurance bill of more than £34 million.

So to help keep you and your
taxi safely on the road in heavy rain or localised flooding, here’s Patons top

Heavy rain

  • Use dipped headlights so that
    other drivers can see you more easily
  • Don’t use rear fog lights – they
    can mask your brake lights and dazzle drivers behind you
  • Slow down and
    leave twice as much space between you and the car in front – it takes longer to
    stop in the wet
  • Remember to keep your air
    conditioning on, as this will stop your windows from misting up
  • If your steering suddenly feels
    light you could be aquaplaning. To regain grip, ease off the accelerator, do
    not brake and allow your speed to reduce until you gain full control again

Floods and standing water

  • Try to avoid
    driving through standing water that’s over six inches deep, find another route
    if you can
  • Don’t drive into
    flood water that’s moving or more than four inches deep
  • Drive slowly and
    steadily as you enter the water so you don’t make a bow wave
  • Stay in first
    gear, keep the revs up and stay on the crown of the road
  • When you emerge
    from the water dry your brakes by using them gently

Remember: if you have an accident you might lose money waiting
for your vehicle to be repaired, and it will force your taxi insurance premiums
to go up. Stay safe, whatever the weather, and plan ahead.

If you have any further
questions about taxi insurance from Patons Insurance, feel free to get in touch
with our team
, or fill out our new quote form today.

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