Need Life Insurance – Canada : LifeInsurance

Hi all,

In the market for some life insurance and need some recommendations.

I’m 31, married with a child on the way. Our household income is approximately $130k/year pre-tax right now and I anticipate it going up to closer to $160k/year by 40 with my wife & I’s pre-determined wage increases.

We currently have a mortgage of $240k but plan on increasing that in the next 5-7 years with a move.

I know nothing about life insurance so I’d like some input. My wife already has a policy from infancy.

Do medical conditions play a role? I do take blood pressure medications due to a thyroid disorder diagnosis. I am also being monitored for a suspicious thyroid module every 6 months. I know insurance companies can be sneaky and I wonder if the fact that I’m already being monitored for it pre-policy will null any payment if it ever turns serious.

Any input will be greatly appreciated 🙂

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