Love your smart-home gadgets? You’re not alone

Would you prefer your home to be dumb or smart? It might seem a strange question, but latest research from Policy Expert shows that, for an increasingly large number of households, the answer is a resounding ‘Smart!’.

Home automation in three-in-four households

The analysis reveals that being able to switch the heating on while still at work, or turn up the lights by speaking out loud, among many other home-automation options, is rapidly becoming normal.

We’re way past the stage of the ‘Internet of Things’ being something only for technology fanatics as nearly three-in-four households have a connected-device of some sort, with the average household owning three.

Householders splash out £761

As the amount typically spent on smart home systems is £761, householders are clearly willing to splash out considerable sums to become domestic demi-gods.

The dream for just over one-in-three (36%) is to have either part or total control of just about everything it’s possible to in the home. For one-in-twenty (5%), nothing but complete control will do.

Easier-life drives choice

Some might think pure laziness is the driving factor, but for those with children, where both parents work, it’s clearly a smart, time-saving and possibly even money-saving choice.

That idea’s backed up by Policy Expert’s research, which suggests that two-in-five (40%) believe it will make their lives easier.

Tech-heads and money savers

Another one-in-three (31%) simply like embracing new technology while nearly one-in-five (18%) are hoping it will save them money on bills.

Some are installing the latest remotely-controlled surveillance cameras, lights and locks, as one-in-twelve (8%) say the reason they’re choosing greater home-automation is security.

The age-old desire to keep up with the Jones’ is still there though, as 3% admit they have purchased smart home devices purely as a way of keeping up with their friends.

Most popular smart devices

The most popular smart home technology is the smart TV (54%) followed by the smart energy meter (26%), home hub (22%), heating system (11%) and smart speakers (10%).


Policy Expert

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Published 22nd November 2018


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