If you’re in the
middle of planning your big day, overwhelmed by invites, mood boards and DIY
decorations, planning your honeymoon might take a back seat in the order of
priorities! However, this could be a break you’ll both need after all the
preparation and stress, as well as the chance for an unforgettable experience!
At The Insurance Emporium, we want everyone to be able to get
the most from life. Which is why we’re sharing our guide on how to choose your
perfect honeymoon destination!

Honeymoon destination - Sri Lanka

Set your budget

Working out how
much you can afford to spend could be one of the biggest factors determining
where you choose to visit. Make sure to take into account smaller costs, such
as transport, food and activities while you’re there. Also, if you want to save
a bit of extra cash, why not request vouchers or money towards your honeymoon
instead of traditional wedding gifts?

Time is of the essence

How much time will you be able to devote to
your honeymoon? Can you get several weeks off work, or do you have a lack of
annual leave at the moment? Will you be able to take time away whenever you
wish, or only certain parts of the year? If you can’t take lots of time off –
don’t worry! You could always have a smaller mini-moon straight after the
wedding, leaving the main event for later!  

Honeymoon destination - Paris

‘Tis the season

Consider what the
weather might be like in other parts of the world during different parts of the
year. The southern hemisphere, for example, has winter during our summer – so
you might want to avoid certain countries depending on seasonality! If there’s
a particular place you want to go, you might have to plan your wedding date
around this, or wait a little while before jetting off!

What’s your vibe?

The activities
you like to get up to on holiday could be a good indicator of where you should
honeymoon. If you want sun, sea and sand, getting away to a tropical paradise
might be perfect! Or a city break for those who want to take in some art and
culture? If you’re more into adventure, exploring and the great outdoors, why
not consider somewhere with fantastic walks or mountains?

Honeymoon destination - beach

On the same page

It’s easy with
wedding planning for one person to get carried away organising everything! It might
be a good idea to work together when choosing your honeymoon to make sure it’s
what you both want. You could try making separate lists of priorities before
going over them to find where you agree and disagree. Remember, this could be
the biggest getaway you plan – so you’ll both want to get the most from it!

Hopefully this
guide will help you find the perfect honeymoon destination for you and your
spouse-to-be! If you really consider what you both want and plan well ahead,
you should be able to find the ideal location. If you’re currently planning
your big day, have you considered protecting it with wedding insurance? The
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