Ethos Life Insurance Company Review of 2019

Issue Ages: 18-75
10 Year: 18-75
15 Year: 18-70
20 Year: 18-65
30 Year: 18-55 (Tobacco Users 18-50)
Minimum Coverage: $25,000
Maximum Coverage: $10,000,000
Optional Policy Riders: Ethos does not openly promote policy riders and we did not complete the full application process to find out if we would be asked we wanted to add any. With that said and assuming that this is the same Assurity term life insurance that is also available to independent agents. Assuming that we are correct which we really believe we are, then the below policy riders should be available. If we are not correct then just know that you can get anyone of these riders through Top Quote Life Insurance subject to state availability.

Accelerated Benefit Rider: An included rider that allows for a portion of the death benefit to be accessed if diagnosed with a terminal illness or permanent confinement to a nursing home. (Not available in CA)

Accident Only Disability Rider: Can pay out a monthly benefit due to a total disability resulting from an accidental injury. (Extra Cost) (Not available in CA, KS, MD, MA, NH, NJ and VA)

Children’s Term Rider: Provides level death benefit on all children of the insured up to age 25. (Extra Cost)

Critical Illness Benefit Rider: Can pay out a benefit due to a first-ever diagnosis or procedure of a specified critical illness. (Extra Cost) (Not available in CT, FL, IL, KS, MD, MA, MN, NH, NJ, PA, VA and WA)

Disability Waiver of Premium: Provides a waiver of all premiums due to a total disability cause by sickness or injury. (Extra Cost)

Endowment Benefit Rider: Provides a return of premium upon termination of the life insurance policy. Available on both the 20 and 30 year level term options. (Extra Cost) (Not available in DE)

Monthly Disability Income Rider: Provides a monthly benefit after the elimination period due to a total disability due to injury or sickness. (Extra Cost) (Not available in KS, MD, NH, NJ and VA)

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