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This question set is tailor made for Blocks of Flat that are owner occupied, part owner occupied & part let, & fully let.

Has the Proposer(s), or any Partner(s) or Director(s) ever been:

a) convicted, cautioned or currently have any prosecutions pending against them regarding any criminal offence, other than a motoring offence?
b) refused insurance, had special conditions imposed by an Insurer, had any insurance terminated or been refused renewal of such insurance?
c) declared bankrupt, or had a company become insolvent or voluntarily gone into liquidation or Compulsory liquidation?
d) disqualified from being a company director?

Please note this section is for blocks of flats and NOT individual flats. Indivisual flats must be quoted on Residential Property Owners.

Built ONLY of brick, stone or concrete with a roof ONLY of slates, tiles or concrete

Is any part of the premises have a roof that is not pitched?

If Yes, see below.

We will revert back with an indication of your premium – please note this may be subject to change or become invalid if you cannot agree to some conditions.

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