AIG discusses the value of boardroom engagement

Strong corporate governance and the topic of director’s liabilities has never been higher on the agenda for organisations and we are delighted to partner with Airmic on the 2019 research project and present this report.

Organisations must navigate the evolving risks and opportunities in today’s world in order to be successful. Business and economic transformation, the digital revolution and changing social attitudes are producing a world in constant flux. Rising geopolitical tensions, within and between countries, are presenting further challenges to organisations in how they work with governments and conduct trade.

As a result, businesses and boards that can anticipate threats, prepare for them and adapt accordingly will be best placed to thrive. This will require strong corporate governance that allows organisations to innovate and take the risks they need to. Directors and officers who are in tune with the organisation’s risk profile will also develop a greater understanding and awareness of their own personal liabilities. Insurance should be used to enable, as well as protect directors and officers.

The boardroom and senior leaders are facing a wider variety of risks than ever before. Data security is the top concern within the boardroom according to Airmic members, but directors and officers are also facing more collective US shareholder actions against non-US firms and an increase in activity involving corruption and bribery claims.

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