A Dr I saw once, 5 years ago, refuses to release my medical records to the insurance company or to me. How do I fix this? : LifeInsurance

My life insurance keeps getting denied because its timing out. Because a Dr’s office refuses to release.my records.

I saw a doctor one time, 5 years ago. I went for some help with anxiety attacks. He prescribed medication (no refills) and a psychologist, whom I went to for several months after that.

When I was about to be denied last time, I called the doctor’s archive service. They refused to give me the records. This time when I applied, I left out that I saw this doctor a whole ONE time- hoping to avoid this. Now, the nightmare resumes.

I have 3 small children and my husband will be screwed if I died. I’m the main breadwinner. How the hell do I get through this? I’m in AZ in the US if that makes a difference.

Thank you in advance for any advice.

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