2 million low-paid workers could be entitled to sick pay ‘for the first time’ with SSP

The UK government is looking at extending the statutory sick pay (SSP) eligibility to UK workers who earn less than the current minimum qualifying requirements.

Do I qualify for statutory sick pay (SSP)?

Statutory sick pay is exclusive to those who earn a minimum of £118 a week, but the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will assess whether people earning below this should receive the same entitlement.

The current requirement (£118 a week) is the equivalent of working a 14-hour week on minimum wage.

There are also suggestions that those returning to work following an extended absence will be given extra help, with the government keen to reduce the number of employees leaving work following their return.

The government hope that the changes will encourage those with long-term conditions and disabilities to get back into work.

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